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Privacy guarantee

Meadow Hill Construction does not share, for profit or otherwise, any information collected through our website except where permission for doing so is explicitly granted by the user. If we don’t ask you, it doesn’t happen.

All connections to our website are secured using modern encryption (HTTPS).

Server visitor data

When you access a page on our website, the server logs and entry containing (1) your IP address, (2) the timestamp of your visit, (3) the URL you followed, (4) the website you came from, if any, and (5) a line of text identifying the type of browser used.

This information is publicly available to every server you connect to (through your browser, an app, a video game, etc.) and cannot be used to personally identify you.

We collect this information for maintenance purposes, such as identifying errors, broken URLs or missing files, and analytics tracking, such as average visitor and view counts, popular pages and frequent referrers.

Regarding IP address collection: In order for the server to know where to send your data, your IP address must be made available. Trying to browse the internet without sharing your IP address would be like asking Amazon to make deliveries without knowing your postal address.

Cookies and web beacons

Our website adds cookies from Google Analytics, which abide by their own privacy policy.

This website is built using WordPress which uses a number of cookies:

A “test” cookie. Contains only the line “WP Cookie check”. Used by WordPress to see if cookies are enabled.
Comment author cookies. These store the name, email address and URL you used the last time you posted a comment.
Session and login cookies. If you login to our site, these store some information about your user account.

None of the WordPress cookies are involved in any analytics or tracking purpose.

Our mailing lists

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