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No Panda Security client running Adaptive Defence 360 was infected by WannaCry Ransomware

WannaCry successfully exploited Windows vulnerability (MS17-010) to rapidly infect entire outdated networks with no user interaction. Even patched systems were vulnerable to WannaCry through a rogue email attachment or link.

Users of the next-gen Adaptive Defence 360 from Panda Security were protected against WannaCry before its release, while companies protected by traditional antivirus had to wait for a security update and risked infection.
This will happen again. Cybercriminals will replicate this attack using new zero-day malware variants targeting unpatched vulnerabilities.
As a Panda Security partner we are able to offer you the advanced protection of Adaptive Defence 360 to ensure your computers are protected against the growing menace of Ransomware.

Secure Package


Protection for your system for 3 years.

Don’t WannaCry because you’ve lost your data?

We can add a 1Tb hard drive installed and configured to automatically backup all the important data

on your PC.

That’s a great deal for total peace of mind.

Be ready for future attacks!

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